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CSCI 2951L – Human-Computer Interaction Seminar – Brown University

Crowdsourcing is a way of solving problems that are hard for computers, by systematically subdividing the work to be done by a large group of people or tasks.

This assignment’s overall goal is to develop a complete listing of computer science professors at the top universities , along with metadata like their degrees, research area, year joined and rank. This is a hard task since the information is spread across department websites, faculty curriculum vitaes, bios, and other miscellaneous sources. It is also tricky for the workers who probably do not understand computer science or academia, e.g. vocabulary like ‘post-doc’ or ‘machine learning’ are not familiar to them.
You will receive $25 to spend on a crowdsourcing service, like Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower, etc. to generate the data. You may use any other crowdsourcing service but I recommend you stick with Mechanical Turk unless you have some prior experience. You can use an additional $5 for initial testing to help you debug your instructions and determine the right incentives. You can either spend and be reimbursed afterwards (easier), or ask for my credit card at the appropriate step when you create your account. My admin, Saara Moskowitz (546 CIT) will help process your reimbursement. Do not spend more than $30 regardless. Select 5 universities on the first 2 pages of the Computer Science rankings from US News to fill out (sign up in class). At most two students can select the same university.
When designing the crowdsourcing process, you may want to consider:
• What will be the unit size for a task? (micro-tasks vs macro-tasks)
• Is it worth identifying the skill level of workers, or filtering out bad workers initially?
• How will you validate the data, and what will you use as the ground truth?
• Will you have multiple workers collect the same data for redundancy and overlap?
• Will you make the tasks more fun? Provide bonuses? Hold a contest?
• How will you decide how much to pay each task?
Ensure you provide informed consent to the workers that this is part of a class assignment and potential research. You may use a spreadsheet like Google Docs, survey form, wiki, or any other tool for workers to input data. Your data should have these columns in this order:
Name, University, JoinYear, Rank, Subfield, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, PostDoc, Sources.
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Subject: FIN921

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JAVA Assignment Help

ICT2100- Object Oriented Programming

letter followed by 4 digits. If an item number does not meet the requirement, an error
message is to appear on the screen.

If a valid item no was entered, the item description, quantity on hand and unit price fields will be automatically retrieved from the database and displayed to the user (use [ ] to embrace these values).
If the quantity on hand is sufficient to meet the order (order quantity <= quantity on
hand), one line is to be printed on the shipping list.
If the quantity on hand is insufficient to meet the order (order quantity > quantity on
hand), the order is to be filled partially by whatever stock is available. For this situation,
one line should appear on the order list with the appropriate number of units shipped
(quantity on hand) and a message “Partially filled”.
An entry for the balance of the order (order quantity – quantity on hand) is to be printed
on the back order list. If the quantity on hand is zero, the message “Out of stock” is to
appear on the shipping, and en entry for the full order quantity is to be printed on the
back order list.

– Simulate the whole program as database concept by applying appropriate file structures in the system (e.g. the stock details will be stored in a stock.dat file and order details in order.dat file). The program will store all the data into a set of files (representing different relations) and reload again for next program execution. You may use appropriate file organization layout to split each field and record clearly by applying suitable delimiter such as “:”, “/” or “;”. For example the stock.dat file content is as follows:

P1002: Water Tap;150;2.50

Include the following business rules in this system:

  • An order must have at least 1 ordered item and maximum to 10 items.
  • No duplication of item within an identical order.

– Validation should be done for each transaction to avoid logical errors by using
appropriate exception handling in Java. The implementation code must highlight the use
of object oriented programming concepts as required by the solution. Application of
advance OOP concepts such as Inheritance, composition & aggregation will gain higher marks in overall assessment.


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NSG2IIH: Indigenous and intercultural health – Health Care Assignment

NSG2IIH: Health Care Assignment – La Trobe University

Part 1:

NSG2IIH nursing assignment

Part 2:

NSG2IIH health care assignment

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BSBFIM501: Manage Budget and Financial Plans – The Wales Institute

BSBFIM501: Finance Assignment Help

Questions 1:

you have determined that you will need to access budget information from the senior accountant to explain to your team. you will explain the overall financial objective of the business, provide an overview of the budget and explain how the budget translates to expense allocations for the team.

Questions 2:

you have determined that one team member, Bill goodale, will be responsible for tracking expenses and petty cash through out the financial year. To meet organizational needs, the duty will need to performed in accordance with policies and procedures.

you have determined that expenses will need to dived equally and tracked by quarter. Bill will need to develop a spread sheet to keep track of actual expenditure by ongoing tally of expense by account.

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